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Mulch is Essential Protection for Trees & Shrubs During Winter

The best way to keep freezing temperatures from killing your trees, plants, and shrubs this winter is by using mulch. The mulch will even help them bloom better during spring. Many landscape experts, such as Rich-Way Landscape, already know the benefits of mulch for regulating soil temperature and moisture. 

  • In spring and summer, we know to use mulch to control weeds, retain moisture, and prevent erosion. 
  • In fall and winter, we put down mulch to regulate soil temperature. 

What Does Winter Mulching Do? 

In late fall and winter, there is a constant process of daytime thawing and nighttime freezing. Putting down mulch prevents this process from causing injury to the roots. 

The soil will eventually freeze in areas with below-freezing temperatures, and mulch might not be helpful to some trees, such as an evergreen. Yet, mulch does allow those evergreens to go into winter better hydrated, which will significantly reduce the damage when spring arrives. 

You will want to lay mulch for your plants in the garden to protect your perennials. It won’t keep them from freezing, but will safeguard them by alternating freezing and thawing cycles through winter. The ultimate goal is to keep your plants in a state of dormancy instead of keeping them warm. If plants become too warm during winter, their bud will break, and then the subsequent growth will simply die during the winter. 

Be careful when you apply the mulch around your trees. If your mulch resembles a volcano around the tree, you could put the tree at risk for insect infestation, disease, and, ultimately, a decline of the tree, causing it to die. 

Lay the mulch around the base of your tree and continue toward the outer extremity of the tree’s crown. 

Make sure you refresh the mulch. You can use compost made up of pine needles, decomposed, disease-free leaves, and plant by-products as new mulch. If the mulch is not refreshed over time, it can become compacted and matted. Using a rake, break up the existing mulch, and mix in the new mulch, ensuring it is returned to its proper thickness. 

If you find you do not have the time or perhaps you are worried about where to put the mulch, contact us at Rich-Way Landscape. We are a national award-winning landscape company that has earned the trust of many discriminating homeowners throughout Collierville, Memphis, and the North Mississippi area. Let us take the reins and create a stress-free environment at your home so you can come to your yard and RELAX, REFOCUS, AND UNWIND. At Rich-Way Landscape, no job is too big or too small. Contact us today at (901)853-9590 to schedule a consultation. We’ll ensure your trees and other plants survive fall and winter and thrive through spring and summer. 

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