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Midsouth Garden Checklist for January and February

As January progresses and comes to an end, gardeners find themselves in a unique position. Although winter still has a firm grip on many regions, there is a subtle shift in the air – a promise of the vibrant life that spring will soon bring to our gardens. This transitional period provides an excellent opportunity to prepare your garden for the upcoming season. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand the importance of proactive garden care. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive midsouth garden checklist to guide you through the pivotal final months of winter. 

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Seven Tips for Protecting Your Landscape Throughout the Winter

As the chilly winds and falling leaves are signs of winter’s arrival, it’s essential to focus on maintaining our outdoor spaces. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand the significance of protecting your landscape in winter. In this guide, we’ll provide helpful tips to help you prepare and safeguard your outdoor oasis from the harshest, coldest winter conditions. 

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Year-Round Radiance: Five Tips for Winter Landscaping

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, it’s easy to think your garden will become dull and barren. However, with careful planning and the right selection of plants or trees, you can ensure that your garden remains a vibrant oasis throughout winter. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand the importance of having a visually appealing outdoor space all year round. Therefore, we have put together some tips to help you choose the right plants or trees to keep your winter landscaping radiant even during the coldest days. 

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Preparing Your Garden for Winter

As the vivid and vibrant colors of autumn slowly fade away and the cold winter months approach, it is essential to start preparing your garden for the upcoming colder weather. Winterizing your garden is crucial to ensure your plants survive the harsh conditions and bloom into a healthy and lush garden come spring. Our team at Rich-Way Landscape understands the importance of protecting your garden against winter’s harsh elements, so we have compiled a list of steps to help you winterize your garden effectively. Remember, we are always here to help if you have any issues. 

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Winter Landscape Ideas

Typically, when we think of beautiful landscapes, we picture various floral or foliage-lined pathways or lush green grass with patches of floral arrangements. We also usually imagine feeling warm with the sun shining bright. It isn’t often you imagine gorgeous landscapes in the winter. Yet many states in the US only have a few months where they receive optimal sunshine to produce a colorful garden of flowers. What do these states do instead to bring their landscape to life?  

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What Do Your Trees Do In The Winter?

Have you ever wondered or even worried about what is happening to your beautiful trees during the winter months? Especially if you have just planted new trees, it can be exceptionally worrisome that they cannot make it through winter. Do you worry your trees could freeze up, similar to unprotected water pipes? Or what if it gets below freezing? Does this cause our trees to die automatically? According to a study by Purdue University, if you have laid mulch around your trees in the shape of a volcano, the below-ground parts of the tree will be insulated. Also, soil and even snow keep the root systems insulated. The part of the tree you need to worry about during winter is the above-ground parts. 

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Winter Weed Control for Your Lawn

Rich-Way Landscaping

Not all weeds freeze away with the winter. Especially in the southern United States, mild temperatures allow for weeds to thrive during the winter, exposing themselves and distributing seeds come spring. These seeds will continue the cycle all over again, leaving homeowners with a mess to clean up on their lawns. Some of these weeds are especially troublesome, such as winter broadleaf annuals. This category of weeds includes lawn burweed, common chickweed, henbit, and more. The onset of winter may provide homeowners some relief, but to keep lawns from being damaged come spring, winter weed control for your lawn needs to start early. 

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Winterizing your Lawn and Landscape with Rich-Way

Rich-Way Landscape

Fall is a gorgeous time of year as the evenings become cooler and the leaves change colors. With the temperature changes it is also time to temporarily say goodbye to our beautiful flowers and blooming shrubs. Do not worry though, we will be seeing these beauties again in the Spring and Summer. It is time to protect and winterize the yard with plenty of mulch which serves as a blanket and helps insulate plants, trees, and shrubs. Winterizing your lawn and landscape with Rich-Way Landscaping. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind as the leaves fall, and temperatures drop: 

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