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The Perfect Plants & Flowers For Fall

There is a joke in Memphis that we rarely get to experience a fall season, just a second summer, and then it’s winter. Still, the season officially changed to fall on September 1st, and luckily, we do get to see the beautiful fall colors even if the cool weather of fall sometimes takes a minute to catch up.  

Springtime is known for its array of colorful tulips and daffodils. With fall, we get flowers that are just as beautiful as summer flowers, many with warm, rich colors, and these fall flowers and plants are hardy enough to withstand cool nights. Many of the plants that bloom in the fall are perennials since they return yearly. However, fall can be the perfect time to plant annuals, evergreen shrubs, and perennials.  

If you are a beginner gardener and aren’t sure how to plant a fall garden, you can leave it to the experts at Rich-Way Landscape. We can walk you through the needs of each plant and flower and help you determine the perfect plants and flowers for fall. Some of our favorites include: 

Chrysanthemums (Mums) 

Mums are considered the quintessential fall flower, and you can purchase them for a dime a dozen at your local nursery when it is time to start planting for the fall season. You can set them in pots in indirect or bright light. Ensure you water these consistently and cut off buds when they wilt to keep them blooming nicely. 


These unique yet gorgeous flowers come in an array of sizes. You can find them shaped like tiny buttons, or as large as a dinner plate. In our southern climate, you can leave the bulbs planted in the ground, but if it gets freezing, you might want to dig them up after a hard frost and save them so that you can replant them next spring. 


If you plant the seeds for sunflowers in spring, you will likely see them bloom in late summer and early fall. These deep yellow flowers range in size and can grow up to 10 feet tall! 


Pansies are popular fall flowers because they can handle the cold snaps, sometimes even if it snows! They range in color, and in our southern climate can last through winter. 

Did you know that there are even crops that thrive in an autumn garden? You can grow vegetables like spinach, turnips, rutabagas, beets, and much more. Fall is an excellent time to have a thriving garden and maintain a beautiful landscape.  

If you do not have the time, or perhaps you do not have a green thumb, Rich-Way Landscape can help you achieve a beautiful fall landscape. At Rich-Way, we understand that caring for your landscape is critical for protecting your home investment and increasing the value of your home. We also know the pride that comes with having curb appeal. Some of our customers have even won yard of the month! When you want the best, call the best. Call us at (901) 853-9590 to schedule your consultation. 

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