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If drainage problems are not addressed, no landscape installation can be ultimately successful. Rich-Way Landscape, Inc. installs literally miles of drainage every year.

Options for dealing with your particular problem may include catch basins with underground piping. This requires trench excavation and carefully measuring elevation through the use of a transit to assure adequate fall.

French drains, which incorporate the use of perforated pipe, landscape fabric and over sized gravel into the trenches. This allows surface water over a large area to be caught and directed.

Severe problems may call for the addition of catchbasins and/or retaining timbers to the french drain system.

A dry creek bed may be used to direct water which flows through a property. It will follow the natural path of the water, containing it and preventing erosion. Though it is completely visible, as opposed to underground systems, a dry creek bed can be an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional addition to your landscape.

Rich-Way may recommend any of these systems, or a combination of them, to correct problems in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

We guarantee that, with proper maintenance, our drainage installations will solve the problem they were designed to alleviate.

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