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The sight and sound of water has always been a source of soothing relaxation. Until the very recent past however, the time and labor involved in caring for such a landscape element was far greater than the time spent enjoying it. Pond technology has finally caught up with our lifestyles.
Rich-Way landscape’s water feature technicians are factory trained. Rich-Way Landscape installs water features which are virtually maintenance free. Rich-Way’s designers and pond technicians will work together to provide you with, not just a pond, but a completely functional ecosystem.

Your water feature, depending on your available space and desires, can range from a small pond with a relaxing waterfall to a combination of multiple ponds connected by streams and dramatic waterfalls.

There is no limit to the possibilities. Each and every pond created is a work of art.

Call Rich-Way Landscape at 901-853-9590 for more details.

Serving Memphis, Collierville and Germantown.