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Lawn Maintenance Programs for Your Midsouth Yard

Spring is around the corner in Memphis! Spring in Memphis brings beautiful and fragrant magnolia blooms, vibrant daisies, lush roses, colorful tulips, and much more. However, creating a picturesque outdoor space is just the beginning of landscaping. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand that the true magic lies in sustaining that beauty over time. When you choose Rich-Way Landscape as your landscape maintenance team, your outdoor oasis will thrive season after season.

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Midsouth Garden Checklist for January and February

As January progresses and comes to an end, gardeners find themselves in a unique position. Although winter still has a firm grip on many regions, there is a subtle shift in the air – a promise of the vibrant life that spring will soon bring to our gardens. This transitional period provides an excellent opportunity to prepare your garden for the upcoming season. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand the importance of proactive garden care. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive midsouth garden checklist to guide you through the pivotal final months of winter. 

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Seven Tips for Protecting Your Landscape Throughout the Winter

As the chilly winds and falling leaves are signs of winter’s arrival, it’s essential to focus on maintaining our outdoor spaces. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand the significance of protecting your landscape in winter. In this guide, we’ll provide helpful tips to help you prepare and safeguard your outdoor oasis from the harshest, coldest winter conditions. 

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Preparing Your Garden for Winter

As the vivid and vibrant colors of autumn slowly fade away and the cold winter months approach, it is essential to start preparing your garden for the upcoming colder weather. Winterizing your garden is crucial to ensure your plants survive the harsh conditions and bloom into a healthy and lush garden come spring. Our team at Rich-Way Landscape understands the importance of protecting your garden against winter’s harsh elements, so we have compiled a list of steps to help you winterize your garden effectively. Remember, we are always here to help if you have any issues. 

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Advantages of Consolidating Your Landscape Maintenance Services

Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy lawn? If so, you may enlist the help of various companies for landscape services. For example, one company may specialize in mowing and trimming your turf, while another handles pruning your trees and shrubs, yet another takes care of your lawn’s irrigation needs. It is not uncommon for homeowners to use multiple companies to ensure comprehensive lawn care. 

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Solutions for Landscape Drainage Issues

Drainage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your landscape improvements, yet it is critical for a stunning landscape. With an average of 53.7″ of rainfall yearly in the mid-south, that water needs to go somewhere. Ideally, your property has quick-draining soil with perfect slopes, so standing water isn’t a problem, but since we live in a mostly flat area, that’s likely not the case at your home. 

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Start Fighting Spring Weeds by Treating Your Bermuda Grass Now

Rich-Way Landscape

What Weeds Should I Look For?

As the weather begins to warm back up, starting to treat Bermuda grass lawns is a must for keeping hard-to-kill spring weeds away. The two most common spring weed types in these lawns are grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds, both of which include common, stubborn plants that could choke out your yard. Grassy weeds to look out for are crabgrass, foxtail, goosegrass, and more. The most common broadleaf weeds include the notorious dandelion, and chickweed. Specific weed types will depend on your area, but knowing the most common will help with specific maintenance tactics. If you can identify the right plant, you can better make informed choices on what products to buy, and what services to employ. 

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Extreme Weather and Your Landscape

Rich-Way Landscape

Severe weather often comes with little warning and can leave you to clean up the mess around your home and landscaping. Although winter may be brutal with hail and snowstorms, spring, summer, and fall can bring equally destructive weather such as wind, drought, and rainstorms. Combined, extreme weather can harm your greenery in less than desired ways. Understanding the effects of certain weather conditions can ensure you are prepared to deal with the fallout, and help you communicate better with your landscape professionals. Extreme conditions may be unexpected, but Rich-Way Landscape knows how to keep you and your greenery prepared. 

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Winter Weed Control for Your Lawn

Rich-Way Landscaping

Not all weeds freeze away with the winter. Especially in the southern United States, mild temperatures allow for weeds to thrive during the winter, exposing themselves and distributing seeds come spring. These seeds will continue the cycle all over again, leaving homeowners with a mess to clean up on their lawns. Some of these weeds are especially troublesome, such as winter broadleaf annuals. This category of weeds includes lawn burweed, common chickweed, henbit, and more. The onset of winter may provide homeowners some relief, but to keep lawns from being damaged come spring, winter weed control for your lawn needs to start early. 

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