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Winter Landscape Ideas

Typically, when we think of beautiful landscapes, we picture various floral or foliage-lined pathways or lush green grass with patches of floral arrangements. We also usually imagine feeling warm with the sun shining bright. It isn’t often you imagine gorgeous landscapes in the winter. Yet many states in the US only have a few months where they receive optimal sunshine to produce a colorful garden of flowers. What do these states do instead to bring their landscape to life?  

In Memphis, where we generally have many months of sunshine, we are currently experiencing winter weather at its peak, with snow falling for days and all the leaves falling off their branches. So that your lawn doesn’t look dull and barren these days, here are a few ideas to add a little color and life to your yard. 

Use the Hardscape Aspects of Your Property 

If you have well-placed benches, decorative arches, a trellis, or ornate sculptures, these items can add décor to your lawn. Or if you have smaller fixtures like hanging baskets, window boxes, or even small jars and various pots, these could all work to add color to an otherwise bleak canvas. You can string lights along your hardscape areas, add colorful beads in the jars, or consider planting winter plants such as poinsettias for large vases and pots.  

Consider Investing in Evergreens 

Evergreens are lovely for winter. They are also popular year-round since they can handle each season’s climate. The most popular evergreen color is green, of course, but you can find them in a range of pigments. Some other colors include icy blue from a dwarf blue spruce or the yellow overtones from a gold thread false cypress. Using evergreens is a unique way to add just the right amount of color to your winter landscape. 

Remember the Three Bs of Bark, Berries, and Bird-Feeding 

Find trees that have aesthetically pleasing bark, such as crepe myrtles. The exposed bark on certain trees increases the natural beauty of your property. Trees or bushes with berries, such as holly or crab apples, provide a festive look and splash of color against your winter backdrop. They are also fantastic for feeding non-migratory birds. Watching and deciphering between the birds that stop each day to visit is also always fun.  

At Rich-Way Landscape, we have become one of the mid-south’s premiere landscape contractors because we understand that your landscape is an investment. We know that caring for your landscape is critical for increasing the value of your investment. Working on every landscape design job this year has been a pleasure, from start to finish, large and small. We are also thankful to each of you that continue to call on us for all your maintenance needs.  

We look forward to bringing you more beautiful and unique landscape designs in 2023! 

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