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Difference Between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Designer?

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What is the Difference Between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Designer? 

When you think of landscaping it is common to assume that landscape design, landscape architecture, and the landscaping work itself all fall under the same umbrella. All 3 are in fact involved in most projects but each have separate roles in the projects. One distinction is that a landscaper does the actual work of building and installing the elements of the landscape project, and will usually also be the same person that maintains the project by trimming, mowing, and weeding. 

Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer 

Landscape architects and landscape designers have different licenses. The type and size of project one might design also differs. Either a landscape architect or a landscape designer may oversee the planning, design, and direction that a space will take, from the placement of outdoor structures to the shapes and layout of softscape elements such as plants in a residential project. When it comes to commercial or public projects, it is more common for a landscape architect to be the person in charge. Here are descriptions of each career choice (the descriptions are also directly from the American Society of Landscape Architects): 

Landscape Architect 

A landscape architect is a registered professional not unlike an architect, but with design skills geared more towards landscape layouts rather than constructional layouts. To become a landscape architect, you must have a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in landscape architecture from a university accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), you must also work/train under a landscape architect after graduation and have passed the required exams to become licensed. Once licensed as a landscape architect you must attend classes to gain continuing education credits every year to continue your training and keep your knowledge current. 

Landscape Designers 

Some landscape designers are self-taught, but most have taken courses at a college, university, through an extension or certificate program, or online. In other words, there is always training involved. It is not acceptable for someone to just decide to call him/herself a landscape designer they must have proper training. Landscape designers will design residential projects.  

At Rich-Way Landscape our team is proud to be licensed and certified landscape professionals. We are also one of the only landscape companies in Memphis with a PHD of Horticulture on staff and are also national landscape design award winners. You can trust our design services are top notch as we pay careful attention to selecting proper plants to create a cohesive design. We strive to create beautiful unique spaces for each of our clients. If you are ready to take your landscape to the next level contact us today at 901-853-9590. 

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