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Water Features In Landscaping

Adding a Water Design to your Landscape 

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Are you one of those people that will hike a mile for the majestic views and sounds of waterfalls? Of course, it will be a much smaller scale waterfall, but you can still achieve the peace and serenity that comes from the sound of gently flowing waters by installing a water feature as part of your landscape design.  

At Rich-Way Landscape and Design, we specialize in turning your yard into an oasis. Our professional design team will help you choose the perfect landscape water design to fit your budget and backyard. We have compiled a list of benefits to adding a water design to your landscape. When naysayers suggest that it is more of a headache than it is worth, you can tell them you have the Rich-Way Landscape team behind you. Our water design features are virtually maintenance-free, and we only use the best irrigation systems and water design equipment to prevent malfunctions.  

Noise Reduction 

The sound of the moving water from your water design can reduce the sound of traffic and busy streets. You will no longer have the nuisance of neighborhood sounds aggravating you, but the sweet, serene sound of rolling waters. Many city dwellers with small outdoor spaces say that the noise-canceling effect is a top reason for installing a water design in their small area. It does not take a lot of water or a giant waterfall to create enough ripples and buffers to do the trick. The results are tremendously soothing. 

 Creates a Focal Point 

 When you add a water feature, you open your yard to more extensive opportunities for visual impact. Using a water feature to add a unique definition to your landscape creates visual interest with a water focal point. A water feature also adds a feeling of dignity to the property, as the property feels more stylized. It also adds sounds and movement to an otherwise still area. It can also be used as a gathering spot or directional if you create a pathway to the focal point. 

Increases your Property Value  

It has been estimated that a well-maintained and manicured landscape can increase your property value by over 20%. Water features also add curb appeal, which also increases your property value. If you properly maintain and use the best equipment for your water design, you will be able to add the water design as one of the features or selling points of your property.  

Contributes to a Healthy Ecosystem 

Wildlife is attracted to water. By installing a water feature in your landscape design, you will attract birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other native wildlife to your property. If you are a birdwatcher, this is a fantastic benefit of adding a water design. You can also pat yourself on the back for contributing to a healthy ecosystem.  

Simple wall fountains, cascading waterfalls, and ponds are great low-maintenance water feature choices. Depending on your available space and desires, your water feature can range from a small pond with a relaxing waterfall to a combination of multiple ponds connected by streams and dramatic waterfalls. There is no limit to the possibilities. Each pond is designed by Rich-way Landscape and Design is a work of art. 

 If you are unsure where to start, our team of factory-trained water technicians at Rich-Way Landscape will guide you as you navigate the many ways you can add a water feature to your landscape design. We will work together to provide you with not just a pond but a completely functional ecosystem. For an award-winning lawn, call the best Collierville landscaping company, Rich-Way Landscape Design, for a free estimate at (901) 853-9590. 



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