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Tips for Helping Your Plants Survive a Memphis Summer

Memphis summers are known for their intense humidity and heat, which can pose a significant challenge for gardeners and plant enthusiasts. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand the desire to maintain a thriving garden even during the hottest months. A beautiful garden enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and substantially increases your curb appeal. So, we have compiled some of our practical and easy-to-implement expert tips to help your plants survive and even flourish despite the Memphis heat.

Summer Plant Care in Memphis

Choose Heat-Tolerant Plants

Start by choosing plants naturally adapted to hot and humid conditions, such as native species or those bred explicitly for heat resistance. Some excellent choices for the Memphis area include the following:

  • Perennials: Black-Eyed Susan, Coneflower, and Lantana.
  • Shrubs: Crepe Myrtle, Oleander, and Hibiscus.
  • Trees: Southern Magnolia, Live Oak, and Bald Cypress

Water Wisely

    It is crucial to water plants properly during the sweltering months in Memphis. Here is how to ensure your plants get the hydration they need without wasting water:

    • Early Morning Watering: Water your plants in the early morning when temperatures are cooler and winds are calmer. This reduces evaporation and helps water penetrate deeply into the soil.
    • Deep Soaking: Water deeply but less often. This helps roots grow deeper, increasing drought resistance.
    • Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around your plants. Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature.

    Provide Shade

    Plants, like humans, can benefit from some relief from the sun. Here are a few strategies to provide shade for your plants to beat the Memphis heat:

    • Use Shade Cloths: Remember to install shade cloths over especially vulnerable plants to reduce the intensity of direct sunlight.
    • Plant Strategically: Position taller plants or structures to cast shade on more delicate species.
    • Temporary Shelters: For extreme heat waves, consider using umbrellas or tarps over plants. If you do not have shade available, even patio furniture can provide temporary shade.

    Soil Health Matters

    Healthy soil is essential for robust plants. Enhance soil’s moisture and nutrient retention with these tips:

    • Organic Matter: Incorporate compost or well-rotted manure into your soil to improve its ability to hold water.
    • Soil Amendments: Consider using soil conditioners such as perlite or vermiculite to enhance soil structure and promote better aeration.

    Pruning and Maintenance

    Regular maintenance can assist your plants in coping more effectively with the heat. Here are some maintenance steps to remember: 

    • Pruning: Remove dead or damaged leaves and stems to reduce stress on the plant and improve air circulation.
    • Weeding: Keep weeds in check, as they compete with your plants for water and nutrients.

    Monitor and Respond

    Stay vigilant and monitor your plants for signs of heat stress, such as wilting, leaf scorch, or stunted growth. If you notice these symptoms, it is best to do the following:

    • Adjust Watering: Remember to water more frequently during periods of extreme heat.
    • Temporary Shade: As mentioned earlier, please ensure additional shading is provided during the peak afternoon hours.
    • Fertilize Carefully: Use a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to avoid over-fertilizing, which can further stress plants in high heat.

    Call Today for More Memphis Summer Plant Care Tips

    Given the climate in Memphis during the summer, gardening can be pretty challenging. However, your garden can thrive with the right strategies despite the intense heat. At Rich-Way Landscape, we are dedicated to offering the support you need to create and maintain a beautiful and resilient garden throughout the summer months. Whether you need personalized advice or professional landscaping services, don’t hesitate to contact us at (901) 853-9590. Let’s work together to keep your garden green and gorgeous throughout the entire summer season.

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