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Extreme Weather and Your Landscape

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Severe weather often comes with little warning and can leave you to clean up the mess around your home and landscaping. Although winter may be brutal with hail and snowstorms, spring, summer, and fall can bring equally destructive weather such as wind, drought, and rainstorms. Combined, extreme weather can harm your greenery in less than desired ways. Understanding the effects of certain weather conditions can ensure you are prepared to deal with the fallout, and help you communicate better with your landscape professionals. Extreme conditions may be unexpected, but Rich-Way Landscape knows how to keep you and your greenery prepared. 

Severe Rain and Flooding 

Especially in areas of the United States where heavy rain is common, landscape professionals anticipate these conditions and ensure that water drains away from your buildings and structures. Regardless, particularly bad rainstorms can cause flooding in the blink of an eye and can be just as harmful as a bad drought. Flooding can cause the nutrients to drain out of your lawn, leaving plants without much to continue growing. Additionally, plants may become choked out by substantial amounts of water pooling into one place, killing them or stunting further growth. Keep track of these areas that collect water to help professionals and keep it from happening in the future. 


Contrary to widespread belief, droughts can occur any time throughout the year. Although typical droughts last months or years, any prolonged period without precipitation can harm the greenery in your yard. With lack of water, plant growth is extremely limited and both the exterior and interior structures suffer. On the surface, leaves may be shriveling, but root damage can be more deadly. Trees, shrubs, grasses, and more can suffer from scorched leaves. Ensure that you have a properly maintained sprinkler system to keep giving them the water they need to grow, and to maintain aesthetics 


High Winds and Tornadoes 

On one end, high winds can cause minor inconveniences such as blown leaves and other items around your property, but also have the capacity to down trees and rip plants right out of their roots. If not uprooted, high winds can still cause stress to the root systems of plants and aid in soil erosion. Soil erosion is a serious matter and can easily destroy your entire landscape without quick work and maintenance.  

Snowstorms and Hail 

Excessive amounts of snow without a melting period can quickly cause deformation to the trees in your landscape, alongside snow mold on the grass in your lawn. Snow mold is a plant disease that typically attacks grasses, developing under the snow, and leaving pink or gray patches of dead grass once the snow melts. Hail can cause plenty of aesthetic damage as well, punching out holes in plants and flowers.  

Inclement weather can have some seriously harmful effects to your landscape, especially without the proper maintenance. With lawn and landscape maintenance programs from Rich-Way, you can minimize the impact of storms and get your yard back to full health! Give Rich-Way Landscape a call to sit back and let the professionals protect your investment. 

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