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Southern magnolia tree.

The Best Southern Trees and Shrubs

When it comes to landscaping in southern states like Tennessee, we need to consider our unique climate and soil conditions that define this region. The vibrant and diverse flora of the South offers numerous options to create stunning landscapes that thrive in the warmth and humidity. At Rich-Way Landscape, we understand the importance of selecting the right southern trees and shrubs for your outdoor spaces. In this blog, we will help you determine the best choices for creating a flourishing and visually captivating landscape in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant in Memphis 

  • Crape Myrtle 

A true southern favorite, the Crape Myrtle boasts spectacular clusters of blossoms in pink, white, red, and purple shades. This delicious tree thrives in full sun, which is abundant in southern states, and offers a striking visual impact during the summer months. Crape Myrtles are known for their smooth, exfoliating bark, which adds year-round interest to your landscape. 

  • Southern Magnolia 

The Southern Magnolia, with its glossy evergreen leaves and massive white blooms, is a timeless symbol of the South. This tree not only adds an elegant touch to your landscape but also fills the air with its delightful fragrance. Plant it as a focal point or use it as a privacy screen. This gorgeous tree is versatile and resilient in the Memphis climate. 

  • Loropetalum Shrub 

For a burst of color, the Loropetalum shrub is an excellent choice. With its stunning burgundy foliage and fringe-like pink flowers, this shrub adds a touch of drama to any landscape. It thrives in well-drained soil and can be used as a hedge, border, or even a striking standalone specimen. 

Additional Trees & Shrubs

  • Yaupon-Holly 

The Yaupon-Holly fits the bill perfectly if you are looking for a tough and low-maintenance shrub. Its compact form, dark green foliage, and red berries make it a favorite for both formal and informal landscapes. This shrub is drought-tolerant once established and can be pruned into various shapes, adding versatility to your design. 

  • Bald Cypress 

The Bald Cypress is a magnificent choice for southern climates. Its distinctive feature is its “knees,” which are woody projections that emerge from the roots. This tree thrives in wet soil and can be a captivating addition to a pond or near water features. The Bald Cypress turns a stunning rusty orange in the fall, creating a breathtaking seasonal display. 

  • Indian Hawthorn 

If you are seeking a shrub that blooms multiple times a year, the Indian Hawthorn is a fantastic option. With its pink or white flowers, evergreen leaves, and ability to tolerate a range of soil types, this shrub can add year-round interest to your landscape. 

Designing a landscape in the south presents a unique opportunity to embrace the vibrant beauty of the region’s flora. The trees and shrubs mentioned above are just a glimpse into the rich options available to transform your outdoor spaces into a thriving oasis. 

Landscape Companies Near Me 

Rich-Way Landscape creates custom landscapes tailored to clients’ needs and aesthetic desires. We specialize in creating landscapes with trees and shrubs that thrive in southern states, providing bursts of color, year-round foliage, and fragrant blooms. Let us craft a landscape that embodies the spirit of the South in your yard. Contact us at (901) 853-9590 to schedule a consultation for your next project. 

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