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Illuminate Your Outdoors: The Beauty and Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Adding creative landscape lighting can significantly impact the appearance and ambiance of your home’s exterior. Outdoor lighting can light up a walkway and enhance the safety of stairs for you and your guests while also bringing a significant design improvement to your home. At Rich-Way Landscape, we can develop outdoor lighting ideas that prioritize safety and significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. Discover the latest landscape lighting trends and get inspired by these ideas. When you’ve decided on what you like, please contact Rich-Way, and we will bring your outdoor lighting ideas to life. 

Small Garden Lights 

Garden lights serve the purpose of shining light on your garden and accentuating certain plants or flora. You can elevate your garden lighting experience by choosing smart lighting, which allows you to control your lights remotely. Additionally, these lights can be solar-powered, reducing energy consumption and making them cost-effective and eco-friendly. These are a fantastic choice for when you want to feature some aspects of your garden. 

Motion-Sensing Floodlights for Peak Security and Style 

Floodlights are small but powerful LED bulbs that can brighten up large areas of your backyard or driveway. They can be installed discreetly on your roof and equipped with motion sensors to enhance home security. Plus, when hosting a party or event in your backyard, these motion-sensing lights provide perfect illumination while only turning on when needed. 

Artistic Outdoor Lamps for Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lamps now come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. These lights are a convenient light source and can simultaneously serve as legitimate works of art. Designer outdoor lamps tend to have strong artistic qualities, making them a great decorative solution that will add character and visual appeal to your outdoor space. 

Simple and Small Solar-Powered Bollard Lights 

Bollard lights offer an elegant way to illuminate the exterior of your home. They are a popular choice in annual lists of lighting trends and can be found in various sizes and designs. Bollard lights are an ideal option to light up pathways and driveways. Unlike the elaborate designs that were popular in the past, small and simple bollards are the current on-trend choice for 2023. Another perk of modern bollard lights is that they have a built-in solar panel to charge the battery during the day and light up automatically at night. 

Patio String Lights for Extra Ambiance 

String lights have become an iconic addition to outdoor spaces over the years. Likely, they will always retain their charm because of the way they exude ambiance. These lights can be attached to a fence, wrapped around poles, or hung along a ceiling to subtly shed light over your outdoor space and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. 

Hardscape Lighting 

Hardscape lighting can be a great addition to your home’s exterior by casting light on pillars, walkways, and even the edging around your home. Soft downward-pointing lighting can help brighten dark areas and highlight specific ornaments or features around your home. This kind of lighting is also perfect for showcasing a fountain or sculpture you are proud of in your yard. 


Adding well-lights or recessed ground lights to your exterior lighting scheme can significantly impact the aesthetic appeal of your home. These lights are designed to be installed directly in the ground, brighten your garden, or highlight specific property features. With their subtle design, well-lights can complement any landscaping or architectural style while providing a safe and welcoming environment for you and your guests. 

Benefits of Landscape Lighting 

A well-designed outdoor lighting scheme can improve your home’s curb appeal, making it more appealing to potential buyers if you ever intend to sell it. Additionally, outdoor lighting enhances your safety and security by making your property less inviting to intruders. Lastly, outdoor lighting can help you stay safe when you arrive home after dark by shedding light on stairs and pathways that would otherwise be difficult to navigate.  

Landscape Lighting Near Me 

Transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area is easily possible with landscape lighting. Rich-Way Landscape understands that professionally designed and installed lighting can enhance your property’s overall look and value. Landscape lighting is the way to go whether you want to extend outdoor enjoyment, increase property value, or improve security. Contact us at (901) 853-9590 to schedule a consultation and discover the countless benefits outdoor lighting can bring to your property. 


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