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Backyard Landscape Ideas- Collierville, TN

Are you yearning for your very own personal backyard oasis but have no idea where to begin?  Achieving your dream backyard can be daunting. The world of horticulture is vast.  Knowing when, where, and what to plant is just the beginning of backyard landscape design. Try your best not to think of it as a chore, instead, get excited for all of the possibilities. Here are a few ideas landscape and garden ideas to get you started on your backyard makeover: 

Getting Started with your Backyard Landscape

Find Your Style

The backyard should be an extension of your home’s aesthetic design.  If the inside and outside blend well, the entire space will be more cohesive, thus increasing your curb appeal. 

Add Some Color

The quickest and easiest way to spruce up your backyard is to make it colorful. Pick vibrant colored flowers and planters.  Give your chairs and tables a nice fresh coat of paint.   

Build a Garden Bed

For small spaces you can choose raised vertical beds.  Remove your turf grass and cut a deep edge.  Trench your borders for easy edging, this also ensures you have less weeds.  Till the area so that all original grass is removed.  Pour a good garden mix over your bed and start planting! You can get creative with your edging.  You can choose from wood, brick, cobblestone, or even metal to separate your beds from grass.   

Make Your Yard Functional

Plant a herb garden or plant flowers that feed butterflies and bees. Lavender, sunflowers, and zinnias are just a few things you can plant that provide nectar and pollen.  Build your own bird house and hang hummingbird feeders.  You’ll feel proud knowing you are doing your part to aid in nature conservatory.  An added bonus, they are really fun to watch! 

Use Stones to Create a Walkway

This creates a sense of balance and elegance.  It keeps your backyard from having a “jungle” appearance by separating your space.  The walkways direct the flow of foot traffic.  Use them to guide visitors to a focal point, like a garden statue, separate seating area or koi pond.  It’s a sure-fire way to impress your guests. 

Think Towards the Future

Be careful what you plant.  Make sure you know how big a tree is going to be once it reaches maturity.  Is it going to knock down power lines or take up most of your backyard?  While bamboo makes a gorgeous fence for privacy, it can also take over your yard if not planted correctly and it’s hard to remove.  Will you be able to maintain trimming the bushes? If not, opt for low maintenance plants.  Also remember to check if flowers will do better in sun or shade before you plant.   

Place Some Lights

Another easy and quick way to transform your backyard is to install lights and fortunately there are plenty of choices.  Particularly proud of your flower beds? Point led lights toward the beds to really show them off at night.  Hang tea lights to enhance an outdoor dining area, giving it a romantic and serene glow.  Put up lamp posts to light up a large bulk of the yard, this will emit a nice peaceful glow while also helping you to feel safe. 

If you find you just don’t have the time or you would rather a professional create your dream backyard, you can put your faith in the family owned and operated Rich-Way Landscape.  The landscape architects at Rich-Way Landscape have created stunning, beautiful backyard landscapes all over the mid-south.  They have an architect with a doctorate of horticulture on staff and have won awards for their landscape designs.  Their creativity and knowledge make them the best in the business.  Call (901) 853-9590 today to set up a consultation. 

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