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When is the Best Time to Plant Perennials? – Living in the Mid-South

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There’s nothing better than having a lush landscape surrounding your home or business. However, there’s a right and a wrong time to get to work on your home’s landscape, especially when it comes to planting foliage. When is the best time to plant perennials? Putting fresh perennials in your landscape too early or too late in the season can result in their failure to thrive, as well as cost you extra cash. Never sacrifice your landscape aesthetics for impatience, and get to the root of planting perennials properly. 

What Is A Perennial?

Perennial is a term used to describe the life cycle of a specific plant. Compared to annuals and biennials, perennials are typically hardy against the cold, and can last for at least three years. Depending on the plant and care, life spans can vary, but last longer than previously mentioned annuals and biennials. Although they only bloom for one season, flowers will return each spring. These types of plants can cost more on first glance, the long-term investment will keep your landscape looking beautiful. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different perennials, however here’s a few we love for Mid-South landscapes.

  • Daylilies: Many different color varieties. Low maintenance, plant anywhere with good lawn drainage. 
  • Hardy hibiscus: Large flowers, plant in an area with full sun opportunities.
  • Hydrangeas: Fast grow period, require regular watering.
  • Coneflowers: Plant in areas with good drainage, prefers full sun. 

There are plenty more perennials than these four, reach out to Rich-Way Landscape or your local nursery for more information on what’s available.

What About Planting?

Analyzing the area before and after planting is crucial to the success of your plants. Does it get full sun? Partial sun? How’s the drainage? Consider all of these and more before committing. However, perennials are most successfully planted in the spring and fall. Different plants will do better being planted at different times, as will planting seeds as opposed to mature plants. Some believe that seeds do better when planted in spring, and mature plants do better when planted in the fall. Ultimately, it depends on your area, your plants, and your method. Consult landscape or garden professionals for the best results, but the action of planting itself remains largely the same.

Prep your soil by getting it damp, but not soaking wet. Add compost or alternative organic matter per your own preferences. Leave enough room if you are planting multiple plants, and ensure that your perennial of choice fits the area you are planting it in. Plants that prefer full sun should be in an area that receives avid sunlight, those that prefer partial shade need to be catered to as well! Make sure to keep an eye on new plants to ensure that they are properly adjusting. In doubt? Call landscape professionals such as the ones over at Rich-Way Landscape, and enjoy your beautiful yard!


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