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Branches of a large shade tree.

Trees & Shrubs that Thrive in the Tennessee Climate

Spring is in the air in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s an exciting time of year as all the nurseries are starting to put out flowers and plants, and we are starting to see some trees blooming. We love our trees in Memphis, and they love us back by cleaning the air, providing shade in the heat, and helping our lawns look nice. Some of these trees even provide color during dreary winter months. But did you know certain trees thrive in the southeast, specifically Tennessee? According to the USDA Plant Hardiness Map. There are a variety of trees that grow well in Tennessee. Here is a list of trees and evergreens that thrive in our Memphis climate. 

Tennessee’s Best Shade Trees 

Bald Cypress – This tree can reach as high as 70 feet and 30 feet around. Therefore, it will need plenty of space to spread out if you plant this tree. 

Weeping Willow – This tree is a favorite for many people. It has long drooping branches that always create an umbrella of shade. 

Sugar Maple – Ever wonder which tree produces maple syrup? The sugar maple is known for creating this delicious syrup and being one of the easiest shade trees to maintain. 

Sycamore – The biggest of the shade trees is the sycamore. It can grow as high as 100 feet. It attracts much wildlife since it produces fruit. It’s also beautiful when it blooms its red flowers. 

Red Maple – These beautiful full, and thick trees put on a colorful show in fall with bright and deep red leaves. It is the perfect tree to plant for year-round beauty. 

Evergreen Trees and Shrubs for Tennessee 

Evergreen trees help when fall and winter approach and you wish to see some greenery. Many homeowners like to add evergreen shrubs and trees to their yards to give it a lush look, even during cold weather. 

Tennessee’s Best Evergreen Trees Include: 

Norway Spruce – These tall trees grow fast and need much sunlight. They are sure to delight since songbirds often call them home. 

Littleleaf Boxwood- This is a lovely little shrub that produces dense oval-shaped leaves. People like to get creative with these shrubs by trimming them into cones, balls, or even spirals. 

Shore Juniper – These are the smallest evergreens, only growing about one foot high. However, they spread out about 6 feet. These are also low maintenance. They only need to be pruned around the edges about once a year.  

Deodar Cedar – These trees will need at least six hours of sun daily, so be sure to plant them in a sunny spot. They have a drought tolerance, yet giving them a little water in the summer never hurts. These trees serve as great windscreens, and if you like birds, you’ll love this tree. It is a perfect nestling tree for birds, especially woodpeckers. 

Eastern White Pine – This pine is the tallest of the evergreens, reaching a height of up to 80 feet, and it can spread 40 feet once it is fully mature. So, be sure you have plenty of room for this evergreen. They naturally grow in a pyramid shape and are also beloved by birds and critters. 

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