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Southern Landscape Trends Blooming in 2023

Modern landscapes are better than they have ever been before! Homeowners are savvier now and understand that to increase the value of their homes, enhance their curb appeal, and create an outdoor oasis, it is always good to know what is trending each year in landscaping. Certain garden features become outdated, and better ones are produced year after year. As we prepare for spring blooms in 2023, here are some top landscaping trends to follow to achieve your best garden yet. 

Spring Landscaping Trends for 2023 

  1. Incorporating Metals: Lately, landscape trends have seen a lot of outside influence from different materials – whether they are used in planter boxes, artistic panels, water features, shade structures, and more. The use of unique materials in nature ties nicely with the return of the pergola and other patio structures to connect your outdoor area with the indoors. 
  1. Designing Gardens with Wildlife in Mind: New developments, fires, and livestock grazing have affected wildlife habitats. When we create a garden with wildlife in mind by using plants that produce nectar, shelter, and seeds, we bring beautiful butterflies, birds, and other friendly wildlife into the scene, doing our part to help sustain the beauty of the world. 
  1. Low-Carbon Landscape: Finally, the herb garden is moving from the kitchen counter and into its own bed. Investing time and energy into growing your herbs, veggies, and fruits helps to reduce your carbon footprint and is the latest trend in gardening. Even sourcing local materials such as fertilizer is tantamount. In a large bed, herbs have the opportunity to flourish, and you get to reap the satisfaction of creating something to make your meals more delectable. 
  1. Simplicity Gardening: Instead of a bigger is better mentality and intricate garden designs, landscape designers have taken note that many homeowners are finding that less is more. It’s all clean lines and simplicity. The simplicity looks sophisticated and stylish, especially when the flowers and plants are well-suited to the home. The thoughtfully placed arrangements that fit the house’s architecture are one of the top trends this season, and homeowners have the added benefit of less maintenance. 
  1. Small Bursts of Color: Even though many southern gardens are keeping it simple and sticking to palettes that do not clash, they do choose to use color in the garden. They are just placing it more strategically so there are small bursts of mixed colors. The small bursts of color enhance the beauty while keeping a sleek and sophisticated look to the garden. 

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