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Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs During Extreme Heat 

Having a lush, beautiful yard is a priority for many homeowners. Every year homeowners and commercial businesses spend energy, time, and money to develop gorgeous landscapes around their homes or commercial property. Many of these properties have a variety of trees or shrubs. The trees and shrubs provide more than just curb appeal. Trees help provide shade and even some fruits and nuts. As the seasons change, it is essential that you remember that trees and shrubs need extra care and protecting during extreme heat and weather. 

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Staying Cool with Southern Shade Trees

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Although summer is the peak time for outdoor activities, such as barbecues and bonfires, southern temperatures can reach upwards of 100 degrees. When it’s that hot outside, staying indoors seems like a far better idea. However, especially if you’ve been waiting desperately for the summer months, staying inside to avoid the heat can seem like a bit of a waste. Waste no longer! With effective landscaping, your yard can become the perfect summer paradise, even when the temperatures get high. There are plenty of ways to keep your green space cool in the heat, but one of the most natural ways is with the help of shade trees. Take a few tips from Rich-Way Landscape to better utilize your summer space!

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